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Sündmused - Architectural competition of Joaoru riverside area in Narva

The architectural competition is an open-tender public procurement in the form of a competition for ideas of a spatial, architectural and landscaping solution.

The objective of competition is to obtain a draft plan of the Joaoru recreational area of Narva City, with the aim of preparing a detailed plan and building design based on the draft.


The competition is part of Narva’s “Development of Joaoru recreational area” project, partly financed from the “Development of urban regions” measure of European Union’s 2007–2013 Structural Funds. The total cost of development of the recreational area is about 64 million kroons (including VAT).


The general aim of the project is to improve the quality of local living environment through the creation of comprehensive and integrated recreational possibilities.



The project covers:

  • improving furbishing and developing the Joaoru recreational area for rest and leisure,
  • reconditioning the public beach and fitting it with all necessary infrastructure elements;
  • creating infrastructure for recreational sports and holding of cultural/entertainment events.


The recreational area will be developed to create infrastructure required for holding recreational, entertainment, sports and mass culture events in the Joaoru area. After reconditioning and reconstruction, Joaoru recreational area will retain its current function, but its attractiveness for local inhabitants and tourists and its integration with the region will be improved.



The competition language is Estonian.



Rules of competition

Competition task

Additional materials 

Competition announcement date: 16.09.09
Questions due date: 01.12.09
Work due date: 04.12.09
Date when the winners are announced: 21.12.09


Competition awards

I Prize 360 000 EEK

II Prize 270 000 EEK

III Prize 180 000 EEK

2 Honorary Prizes a 90 000 EEK


Competition files

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