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Sündmused - International urban planning & architectural competition of the city centre of Gorzów Wielkopolski

International urban planning & architectural competition for land and urban development conceptual design of the city centre of Gorzów Wielkopolski – Poland.


Honorary patronage over the competition is supervised by Infrastructure Minister - Cezary Grabarczyk

In 2007 our city has celebrated the 750th anniversary of its existence. Throughout the history, of area of the historical city center, which is an important administration center, has been under constant reconstruction and land planning changes. These have been conducted not always in a coordinated way, and lacked an aim at obtaining a well-composed and coherent unit of urban planning and architecture.

The desire and aspiration of the residents, represented by the municipality, is a well-functioning and attractive city center - friendly for both them and the visitors. To fulfill this forward-looking aim, whilst seeking the best solutions and inspiration-also unique and innovative ones, it has been decided to organize a contest, as the most effective way to gain optimal image of the future city center, which may be pride and glory of the city.

Time limits:
Announcement of the competition - 17.06.2009
Registration deadline - 07.07.2009
Participation confirmation - 22.07.2009
Ssending questions regarding the contest - 11.08.2009
Providing answers - 25.08.2009
Submission of competition works - 29.10.2009 till 3 p.m.
Announcements of the competition results and place of the exhibition on the web site - 23.11.2009 r.
Announcements of the competition results and opening of the exhibition  30.11.2009 2 p.m.
Announcements of the competition results on the web site 03.11.2009 of competition works: 29.10.2009, till 3 p.m.;

Competition website

Competition regulations

Contact us:
Secretary Office of the Urban Planning & Architectual Competition
of the city centre of Gorzow Wlkp., Sikorskiego 3-4, room 306, 66-400 Gorzów Wlkp. POLAND
tel. +48 95 735 97 00,
e-mail: konkurs@um.gorzow.pl
www: http://gorzow.sarp.org.pl/

Competition announcement date: 17.06.09
Questions due date: 11.08.09
Work due date: 29.10.09
Date when the winners are announced: 30.11.09


Competition awards

Total prize: 340 000,00 PLN

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